Mobile Apps
Discover our iPhone and Android apps, great reference guides also including extra utilities.
Pocket Guide Megaliths
Discover Ancient and Prehistoric Monuments near you!
Nearly 50,000 entries covering Megaliths from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.
Pocket Guide UK Dragonflies
Use this guide to help identify Dragonflies and Damselflies, easy to use colour picker helps identification.
Pocket Guide UK Butterflies
Explore the countryside and discover the beauty of our native Butterflies with this colourful guide.
Pocket Guide UK Ramblers Collection
Buy the collection of guides for various species, flora and fauna etc you might encounter while out Rambling or Walking in the UK Countryside at a reduced price.
Pocket Guide Guinea Pigs
Covering 63 breeds of Guinea Pigs, contains a wealth of information on caring for these lovable creatures.
Pocket Guide UK Castles
Discover more about the exciting Castles found around the UK. Contains a selection of around 200 castles with descriptions and useful information on each.
Pocket Guide UK Sea Fishing Collection
A couple of guides to help when fishing around the UK coastline. Containing hundreds of entries to help the recreational angler identify bait or the fish you have caught.
Pocket Guide UK Sea Fishing
The UK premier sea fish identification guide, contains many useful facts and a range of extra utilities.
Pocket Guide UK Sea Fishing Bait
An excellent companion guide to the UK Sea Fishing guide, covers a wide range of useful baits to help improve your fishing trips.
Pocket Guide UK Seashore
Over 500 detailed entries to discover for rockpooling, the walker, forager or just a day out with the family at the beach.
Pocket Guide Red Sea
Over 200 creatures from the Red Sea including 75 dive and snorkeling sites along with ship wrecks and coral caves listed.
Pocket Guide UK Garden Weeds
Identify those pesky weeds in your garden, discover ancient remedies and tips on managing these curiously pretty plants.
Pocket Guide UK Grasses
Beautiful Grasses, Sedges, Reeds and Rushes. Great for School Field Trips or just to find the best plant for your Garden or Pond.
Pocket Guide UK Birds of Prey
Ever wondered at the Bird hovering above, use this guide to discover about these raptors.
Pocket Guide UK Game
Explore the rich variety of our countrys famous wild game with this species id guide.
Shooting Accessories
A range of field sports tools for the shooter. Includes world first unique holdover simulator, follow the clay in the sky and see approximate lead.
Pocket Guide WDPS Lakes
The perfect guide to accompany your fishing trips to the WDPS Carp Lakes and all the swims in the heart of the Sussex countryside.
Pocket Guide UK Sea Fishing Lite (free version)
Free lite version of the UK premier sea fish identification guide, contains a limited selection of the most commonly caught UK sea fish.
Life Expectency Calculator (free)
Light hearted calculator for life expectancy, contains real average longevity data from nearly 200 countries for the last 60 years.
Pocket Guide Birthstones (free)
A quick guide to birthstones, contains entries listed by birth month and zodiac sign.