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Fonts not showing in IE 11
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I can't see all my records
Please choose Check Database on first use of the Pocket Guides or to ensure your app is using the latest up to date data, Check Data is designed to ensure that when run more than once it does not overwrite any custom notes you may have entered.

The Check Database function is located on the About or More tab and is the button shaped like a Cog.

(nb. Please rotate the device to portrait if necessary.)

Fonts not showing in IE 11
In order to allow the website fonts to show in IE11 please add an exception into IE11 for http://www.senetmobile.co.uk found under tools, options, security, trusted sites, sites, untick require server verification.

Reporting an issue with an app
Are you reporting an issue about one of our Pocket Guide applications?

If so please help us support you more quickly by providing the 'Name and Version' of the app found on the 'About' page button and also any error produced by the 'Check Database' option.

These options are found on the 'More' tab.

Content has been researched and compiled from various sources.

If you feel that some content requires further clarification or a better description then please contact us on the support contact page of this website with any questions or updates and we will endheavour to include them in the next release.

Image and content is original or has been gathered from various sources such as public domain wikipedia wikimedia.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure compliance with copyright requirements such as attribution and appropriate links it is possible that errors may have been made.

If you believe there is an error please contact us on the support contact webpage and we will undertake to correct and issue any updates as necessary.


CC BY-SA 2.0 (EN/Germany)


CC BY-SA 3.0

All Creative Commons pictures listed are available for reuse in the applications "library/plists" folders once installed on your device.

Attribution and associated licenses are cited below each image within the apps, including all those shown as examples on the website banner.

Compilation and remaining content ©2011,12,13,14 Senet Mobile UK.

iPad stuff
We have found an issue with iPads where the app appears to have hung, pressing the 1x followed by 2x should reactivate the app, we are looking into this.

Appstore questions
We are keen to help you so please ask any questions via the Contact Us webpage as we are unable to respond to questions posted on the appstore.

App features
Need an important feature in one of our apps?

Please contact us with your question via the Contact Us webpage if you would like to see about including a certain feature and we will gladly consider adding it to our app roadmap for you and if we find it is only a relatively small change we may be able to pop it into the next upgrade.

IOS Version:
Senet Mobile UK only tests devices with IOS 4.0 or above.

Whilst IOS 6.0 is a tested configuration certain features such as the satellite view on maps appears to be still in development and as a consequence may affect the customers experience.

(nb. Subject to Apples minimum supported IOS versions.)

Jail broken phones:
Jail broken phones are not a supported configuration and whilst we believe our applications should operate correctly Senet Mobile UK does not specifically test or support this configuration however if you contact us with an issue we will certainly try to assist.

Custom notes:
Whilst custom notes may be added to any entry each page does not support an unlimited amount of free text and will only display to limited length in order to keep each page to a reasonable size for an iPhone form factor, we may revisit this design element when we implement more iPad specific capabilities.

We are unable to accept images or content for inclusion into apps without clear provenance or title which would allow publication.

Reset database to default:
In the event that you wish to reset the database to the default one.
Delete the app from the device, re-download from the appstore and reinstall.

1. Restart the iPhone.
2. Press and hold on the PocketGuide icon until the black cross (delete application) appears.
3. Select the black cross and press ok to delete the application and all of its data from the phone.
4. Retick the app in iTunes to reinstall.
5. Resync the iPhone with iTunes to reinstall the application.

iPhone 3G/GS will require a restart of phone between installs in order to recreate the database.
IPhone 4 users may simply use the stop application function.
Be warned that resetting the database will remove any custom notes you may have saved.

Reducing data backed up to iCloud:
IOS5 introduces a new feature to backup application data to iCloud and this may be turned off for individual applications. Turn this off by visiting the following easy to find location

Settings app: iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > Backups.

In the Backup Options list on this screen, backup can be turned on/off individually for each app.

Appstore refunds
We have made every reasonable effort to ensure the descriptions of our apps are accurate in order to help our customers make the right purchasing decisions however we recognise it is inevitable that sometimes our apps may not immediately have everything someone expects of them.

It is important to note that we have no control over the Appstore refund policies which require a valid reason before requesting a refund, failure to fully review the description before purchase may not be considered a sufficient reason to ask for a refund however we can still try to help.

If you feel that having bought one of our apps it is missing an important feature for you then please let us know via the Contact Us webpage and we will gladly consider including it in a later release if we are able.